Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences, often referred to as cyclone fences, are the most common style of fencing installed in North America each year.

Chain link privacy fence

Chain link fences can be great as privacy fences, since they are low maintenance and inexpensive. Chain link fencing is easy to install and maintain and are very economical. Chain link fences are most often galvanized, but can also be vinyl-coated. This type of fence is very versatile and can be used in many different types of applications, from property marking to privacy fences, even for pool fences.

Interestingly cyclone fence or hurricane fence as chain link fence is called has gotten those names for an interesting reason. So how did it get the names cyclone and hurricane fence? If you were to tour an area which had been through a hurricane of cyclone you would find that most wood fences and most privacy fences would be flatten. Most cyclone or hurricane fences would be left standing because the wind and water would easily pass through them; and hence the name cyclone and hurricane fence.

When choosing a chain link fence it’s important to remember that not all chain link fences are the same. Chain link fences are different depending on the material, framework, how they fit together, coating and gates. Depending on how you combine these features will decide what type of chain link fence you get.

When you are choosing a chain link fence you should consider what the framework of the metal is to determine how it will handle wear and tear. Light Chain link fences are bad if you have pets or bad weather since they are easily bent. Light chain link fences are generally made of for temporary use, which is why they are commonly cheaper. Choosing a heavier chain link fence will help to make sure you have a long lasting fence that doesn’t bend or break easily.