Gates are just as important as fencing since they offer you an opportunity to control who enters and leaves your house. Gates come in a variety of styles and can be made from an assortment of materials. Some of the most common materials to build a gate are vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, and wood. A good thing to keep in mind when choosing a gate is if it will match or work well with your fence. For example, having a wooden gate with a wrought iron fence might look awkward since the materials have such different characteristics.  Depending on your price range some choices might be better than others.

Picket fence gates are a good choice to choice, especially if you have a picket fence around your home. It is always best to try and keep the same or similar style gate so that the fence and gate flow together well. Picket fences are generally made out of vinyl which means that you won’t have to worry about keeping it maintained. You can also go with a wood picket gate if you have a wood picket fence around your home. One thing to keep in mind when using wood for a picket gate, is that it can rot and it must be painted from time to time.

Chain link fences are common in many rural areas. Chain link can be very easily made into a gate. Chain link gates are inexpensive and are guaranteed to match the fence that you already have.

If you have a pool and have built a wrought iron fence around it the best gate to choose would be one that is made out of wrought iron. You can keep the same style or alter it to have it consistent with your current fence. Benefits of using wrought iron as a gate is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and have no height limit, making wrought iron a good choice if you are planning on building a high fence to the the entrance to your driveway. Wrought iron gate can add an elegant entrance to your home.

Privacy fence gates are a common style of gate for people who want to keep their property safe and secluded. These fences are generally 6 feet tall or higher to keep out unwanted visitors. The majority of privacy gates are made from wood or vinyl, so require little to no maintenance.

Adding a gate to your fencing project is a great idea since it can add a elegant look to your home. It can also offer you privacy when depending on the location of the gate. You can learn more about gates by calling 1-888-FENCING to talk to a fence professional about what type of gate is best for your project.