Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences come in many different styles, colors, and materials. By adding a privacy fence to your backyard you essentially are adding another room to your house. Depending on your price range and the look of the privacy fence that you want, there are some different factors that you should look at. Privacy fences should all have the same general function which is providing privacy for your home and some provide better than others. Wood fencing and Vinyl fencing are two of the most common types of privacy fence used for home use, since they are the most cost effective and look the best.

Another form of privacy fence you can choose is a chain link fence with some type of material input into it to make it into a solid fence. Metal fences generally aren’t used for privacy since they cost the most. Although if price isn’t a major concern and you would like metal fences such as wrought iron or aluminum since they will provide the most noise reduction, security and can be taller than both wood and vinyl fences.

Wood fencing comes in many different styles but the most common privacy fences made out of wood is the shadowbox, board on board, and stockade. A shadow box fence is a simple wood fence with three horizontal wood beams in the center with wood on the back. A board on board fence is a wood fence with an extra layer of wood boards on the back to block and gaps.

The third most common wood fence is a stockade fence. This type of wood fence is similar to the board on board type of wood fence, but is different since it doesn’t have wood boards on the back. One thing to think about when choosing a wood fence is maintenance. Wood fences require the most maintenance of most fence types, but can be embed with steel in order to help slow down rotting and warping of the wood. Each of these fences ranges in price depending on the type of wood and how much area you need to fence off.

Vinyl fence is another common form of privacy fence. Many people choose vinyl fences because they are the cheapest and require the least amount of maintenance. Vinyl fences come in many styles and colors. Vinyl privacy fences are commonly used since they can be taller than most wood fences and can be have many different tops and finishes, such as a lattice top or a picket top. Vinyl privacy fences are generally white, but can be many different colors.