Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence has become a well-recognized substitute for wood fence, privacy fence, and even some types of metal and aluminum fence. Vinyl fencing comes in many different styles such as picket fence, privacy, semi-private and contemporary. Vinyl privacy fencing is excellent for privacy around the sides and rear of your yard or pool. Semi-private vinyl fences are good for front yards where you would like some privacy but would still like to be able to see. Contemporary vinyl fences are more widely-spaced giving it a semi private look.

Vinyl fencing is often selected as an alternative to other styles of fence, such as wood or metal because it doesn’t require painting. Vinyl fences also don’t require staining since they are the same color all the way through. Vinyl Fences also doesn’t split splinter warp or rot since it is such as hard flexible material. Vinyl fences will tend to maintain a fresh look for up to five times as long as wood. For those who want maintenance freedom, a vinyl fence is a good choice.

While vinyl fences can’t be painted or stained they are often available in colors other than white. For example vinyl fence is available, depending on the style, in tans, grays, almond and other attractive colors.

In addition to the wide variety of styles available such as privacy fences, picket fences, split rail fencing, there are other accessories and ornamental items which can be added to enhance the appearance of vinyl fencing. These help to give the fence a more professional look.

Many styles come in heights ranging from as low as 3 feet to as tall as 8 feet. The length of sections varies depending on the style from typically 6 feet in length to 8 feet in length.

When comparing vinyl fencing to other types of fences, such as metal or wood, the differences that should be considered are primarily cost and finish. Vinyl Fencing can be more expensive then wood or metal fences. It is up to you if the length of life and having less maintenance are worth paying the extra money. Vinyl fences also tend to have less finish imperfections than other styles of fencing.

Some advantages of vinyl fence:

  • It lasts longer than wood fence with no maintenance
  • It does not require painting
  • It is easily cleanable
  • It is stronger that wood when properly installed
  • It does not rot like wood or rust like metal

Vinyl fence does have some disadvantages…

  • Vinyl fence is generally more expensive
  • Vinyl fence, at least some, can fade so make your selection from a qualified contractor or installer

Because of the wide selection of styles, vinyl fencing is a great choice. To find a qualified professional fence installer or contractor in your area, click here.