Wood Fencing

Wood fences are available in many “off the shelf” styles. Wood fencing can also be custom designed in any style which a designer can draw. Wood fence and fencing styles are virtually unlimited.

The cost of wood fences can range from very inexpensive to very expensive just as do other standard versus custom made wood products. That said, there is a wide variety of beautiful, affordable wood fencing readily available. Wood fences are used for decorative purposes, as privacy fencing, as part of landscaping. They can even be detailed to match the exterior finish of a home when the wood fencing is customized.

Wood fencing and wood fence styles are also available in a limitless choice of colors since they can be stained or painted in any color.

It is typical that wood fencing is available in treated wood, red wood and cedar. But several other wood species are also available. The range of heights and section lengths is also unlimited. Gates and entry was can be matched to wood fence expanding even more the desirability of wood fencing.

As we have mentioned there are limitless styles of wood fencing available to you. Some of the popular styles include:

Stockade fencing which has its roots as an early American fence style popularized in the Eastern part of the country and particularly New England. Picket fence is what we call the lovely dream house fencing. It is probably the most popular fence used in North America because it offers boundary and beauty. How often have we heard of the dream of a home with a picket fence? With deep historical roots the term picket fence covers an unlimited range of specific styles.

Lattice top fences combine privacy and style. The lattice is typically placed high enough on the fence to solid portion of the fence to provide privacy and a decorative, stylish appearance.

Shadow box fencing is a very popular wood fencing style which provides privacy without looking exactly like a solid barrier. It also allows air to easily pass through the panels.

Solid wood plank or solid wood board fencing provides the most privacy. It can range from very plain in appearance to very decorative when the top of the boards are enhanced with railings or treatments such as round shapes or “V” top shapes.

Rail fencing is often either decorative or boundary type fencing. It is also typically a more rustic type of fencing.

When you are considering a wood fence you should give thought to not just the type of wood to use, but also the grade. Wood grades which are available include:

Clear wood is the most expensive grade of fence wood. It has a very limited number of appearance flaws. Premium wood is the next most expensive grade of wood used in fencing (as well as other trim details). It is also referred to as #1 grade wood. The difference between clear wood used for fencing and premium fence wood is the amount of imperfections. The most common imperfections in premium grades are small but tight knots in the wood.

Other grades range from Standard (#2) to Utility grade. The difference is the amount and size of knots as well as color and surface finish quality. The grade of wood you select for your fencing does not necessarily have to be the highest grade of fence wood. In some situations a rustic looking fence made out of a lower grade fencing wood is the correct choice.